AYMA  Entertainment
- Nikon D2h, D80, D50,D3x         
- Hasselblad

-Tokina 170-500mm
-Nikkor   70-300mm
-Nikkor   80-200mm
-Nikkor   12-24mm Aspherical

-Several lighting packages
Using the best of What the
industry requires, to bring the
sharpest image, possible at the
speed of life...
Broadcast ready, and user
friendly. Ready to jump in
the next flight, or to step
into mud...In HD, NTSC, or
We have RED camera
operators !!!
-RED Camera
- Sony HD/SD
-Canon Xl1-s

With any lense, you a
AYMA Entertainment
P.O. Box 254, Hollywood, CA 90078
(323) 788-8445-(323) 851-9671 Fax
Just so that your gun shots
will sound as crisp and loud
as needed, we used award
winning industry standard
sound mixing and recording
Because the picture is not
-Sennheiser G2 UHF body packs.
-Shure Mixer
-Azden mics
-Audio Technica mics
-Sennheiser MKH 416
-Carbon mic pole
Sound  Editing, Foley services, Voice
over and Dubbing services.
Protools, Digital Audio, Final cut CS2, After effects,
Photoshop, Episode,  DLP projection system with an 8ft
widescreen, 3 independant MAC systems.
Many instruments, and Amps, as well as Cello, Violin, Erhu,
and percussions from Morocco, Turkey, China, Tibet, India,
Japan, Sound box, a vocal booth, MIDI set up, Electronic

DUBBING SERVICES: in French, Italian, Chinese,
Japanese !!!
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