FIlm, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Sound Services,  
Ready for Web, Photography, Voice Over Services,          
Editing Services, Translation Services...And more.

Serving the Entertainment/Media community                     
Internationally, since 1998. Our teams are ready to           
"capture" the moment, or make the scene, so that your   
"million dollar shot" will too look the part.
From lighting directors, to directors of photography, to   
camera operators, sound recorders/mixers/folley             
artist...Behind the scene filming, and editing, on               
locations or in a studio, we are ready to roll...Just give    
us a call...(323)788-8445.

And for a quick view of our latest "stunts", visit our         
Productions page.
We speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese
AYMA Entertainment
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